Loft fold



Now in its 7th generation, the LOFT fold continues to impress worldwide with its perfect integration options.
Architects hereby have an extraordinary stylistic device, which finally closes the design gap between technology and interior.

Proven technology and long guarantee periods ensure its sustainability.
With a flick of the wrist you can conjure up the monitor and just as quickly as before make it disappear again.
With an installation depth of almost 10 cm and when opened, hardly higher than a water glass, we set new standards for built-in monitors in furniture.

An ergonomic highlight is the manual adjustability. Stepless swiveling and the optimal adjustment range for the pupillary distance ensures fatigue-free work. Depending on the table size, we can offer you screen diagonals up to 27 inches.

We enable invisible integration and optimal adaptation to your furniture with our large selection of materials and colors.

Our customers use this easy-to-integrate and flexible device in council rooms, receptions and service counters and of course on conference tables.


The LOFT fold built-in monitor is built into the historic judges' table in accordance with the requirements.


Built-in monitor perfectly built into the table and unfolded LOFT fold screen


In the reception area at the counter, the LOFT fold monitor can be easily retracted.


The LOFT fold has sophisticated technology and mechanics. The monitor can be manually moved back and forth over several axes as required.


Impressively professional and harmoniously integrated. Everything is lovely oriented to the conference participants.

The conference rooms with large central representation are equipped with flexibly adjustable NOVIS LOFT fold built-in screens for a optimal vision to the front. Nothing disturbs the clear view.

Our retractable monitor is the perfect addition to media technology for every conference

LOFT fold in a conference room in Markt Schwaben

Perfekte Raumgestaltung durchgehendes Tischdekor. keine Technik sichtbar


When folded, it forms a perfect symbiosis with your individual table surface.

Every detail counts.

The LOFT principle gives each design element its own effect. In this way, specific accents can be set.

Leicht zu öffnen unser im Konferenztisch integrierter Bildschirm
Achsführung unseres Einbaumonitor

From every angle.

Our innovative axis guide enables playfully easy pivoting and shifting.


As an alternative to table veneer or Corian, high-quality materials such as leather are also possible for the back.

For your next project, design your monitor the way you want it and be absolutely unique. Create your own style.


Every monitor in the LOFT series can be equipped with high-precision multi-touch input, thus ensuring intuitive interaction options.


Easily stow your keyboard and mouse out of sight in the cover.


Realized projects

FAQ – Loft fold

  • What does an ergonomic computer workstation look like? An ergonomic workplace should optimally support the professional activity and minimize work-related stress as much as possible. For this reason, direct light should be avoided on the monitor. It is also important that the line of sight goes slightly downwards.
  • What connections do the monitors have and do they work with every PC? Thanks to industrially standardized connections such as HDMI, DVI or Displayport, all screens in the Novis family can be connected to any graphic output unit. On request, we can also provide older connections.
  • How much guarantee do I get on a device? You get a 3-year electronic guarantee and a lifetime guarantee on mechanical components.
  • What is the diagonal of a 23", 24" or 27" monitor? One inch is 2.54 cm. Thus, a 23 inch monitor has a diagonal of 58.4 cm, a 24 inch a diagonal of 61 cm and a 27 inch monitor has a diagonal of 68.6 cm.
  • How should the desk stand by the window? For good lighting conditions, it is best to position your desk at a right angle to the window. To ensure a calm working atmosphere, you should always have a good view of the entire room with the door and window.
  • How do I get installation drawings quickly? Get in contact with us, we don't bite! We are quick, friendly and flexible. Call or write an email to We are happy to hear from you!
  • How can I become a partner of Novis Technik GmbH? Are you interested in becoming a partner of ours? Call or write an email to We look forward to you!
  • Why is the LOFT fold so ergonomic? Thanks to its individual adjustability, the LOFT fold is very ergonomic. It is infinitely variable in terms of distance and angle of inclination. Its flat installation situation ensures barrier-free, glare-free and ergonomic work.
  • Why should I buy the LOFT fold? You have changing work environments and would like to leave your workplaces without visible technology, then the LOFT fold is right for you. It can be integrated flush in the table decor and is visible with a flick of the wrist and just as quickly invisible again.
  • How is the LOFT fold unfolded You simply press the flap and the monitor swivels towards you. Just fold it up manually, a piece of cake. Freely choose your desired work position.
  • How do I position the monitor perfectly in the table? Depending on the size of the monitor, choose a sufficient depth of the table. Your ideal working distance should be at least 50 cm. We recommend 60-100 cm. This leaves you enough space to set up storage areas on the table in front of the monitor. 30-40 cm are ideal for this.

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