Integrated into the wall


Collaboration. Are you almost magically attracted to this perfect production? Everything here is adapted to the exchange of information. In a relaxed atmosphere, the character promotes open and creative exchange. NOVIS LOFT mount large format displays continuously provide you with the latest news.

Digital signage solution with Miracast Sparkasse Neunkirchen
Object: GEO Reisen Graz | Builder: Raiffeisen Reisebüro GmbH, Wien | Implementation: Kermax GmbH, Passau | Planning: Ralf Quaß, Dipl. Ing. (FH) Innenarchitektur, Neuburg am Inn | Pictures: Raiffeisen Reisebüro GmbH, Wien
Sparkasse Neunkirchen

The digital age of consulting.
Everything here is designed for the primary purpose of customer advice, from the floor to the ceiling. A relaxed and cozy atmosphere characterize this new style of consulting.

On the NOVIS LOFT mount large format displays, you can display your content large and clear. Consulting is fun!

Our large screen LOFT mount digital signage 42" with Miracast for interactive exchange with tablet, mobile phones or notebook
Digital signage solutions Sparkasse Neunkirchen with Touch and Miracast.

Presentation monitor integrated flush with the help of a built-in tray in the wall
NOVIS LOFT mount integrated flush with a built-in tray

Principle - perfectly integrated.
The front side is cladded with special optical glasses. With absolut planer front surface, the LOFT mount is flush into the wall and fuses with its surroundings. It completes well thought out room concepts and does not breakthrough them. The LOFT mount simply fits.

Every monitor in the LOFT series can be equipped with high-precision multi-touch input and thus provides intuitive options for interaction.

Digital signage.
With our media player integration, it is very easy to play network-controlled videos and pictures automatically and time-controlled.

Mirror image content.
You can flexibly mirror the content of any source such as smartphone, tablet and notebook on the large screen.

Digital signage LOFT mount. Front glass with integrated touchscreen up to 65"
Integrated into the wall. Flush-mounted or hanging digital signage solution with invisible cable routing.

The use of proven industrial technology combined with high-quality housing and mechanical components make NOVIS monitors reliable companions. We guarantee this - 3 years for electronic components and lifelong for mechanical components.

In addition to common interfaces such as HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort, we also offer various other connection options.

For the best possible readability in changing light conditions, your monitor can be equipped with automatic brightness adjustment.

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